Shannon Marie Conrad

Shannon Marie Conrad grew up in the suburbs of Las Vegas, NV, which today she accredits for her musically versatile upbringing. She Attended The Brill music Academy for a short time before being discovered by David White ( known best for his 1950s hit with Danny and the juniors "At the hop," as well writing the 1965 hit "Its my Party" by Leslie Gore co written with John Madara.) In 2012 Shannon jumped at the opportunity to join Calhoun Block Music. "They're like my second family. I am honored to be able to sing along side such talent. They have taken me under their wing and push me to bring my music to the next level. They are my brothers and sisters." Her single "There you go again," and "Dont Wanna" put her on the map reaching out to fans all over the world. "Its so amazing. I work hard on my music, I put my soul into it. To see the response I have gotten with my growing fan base, its all become surreal. If I can just get one person to relate; over come a break-up, or make them dance and forget everything for just a moment....I've done my job. That is really what its all about. Music is an international language, it speaks to the soul."